The Guild has been at the vanguard of status compliance for 25 years and stands between clients and HMRC. Our in-house legal, tax and compliance teams can ensure that all employment status issues are dealt with compliantly, removing the commercial risks associated with engaging self-employed workers.


Not your everyday compliance service.

Your subcontractors earn more and you improve your bottom line

Our calculations show that subcontactors can earn up to 25% more on average when compared with umbrella employees or those on PAYE contracts. Your company also saves thousands on employment costs, at £0 cost to your business.

Attract and retain talent to gain an edge over competitors

Businesses contracting their workforce through The Guild often experience significant growth in their team size due to the higher pay they can offer. You’re able to leap over competitors by attracting industry-leading talent as workers capable of self-employment earn more as Guild subcontractors.

You’re 100% protected against status risk and IR35 risk

Being an intermediary, The Guild inserts itself into the contractual chain during payment and assumes all tax status risk and CIS payroll responsibility for your subcontractors. All clients are indemnified, and our risk is insured.

We handle status compliance and payrolls so you don’t have to

After onboarding, your team no longer needs to submit invoices (to you or us). Should you want greater control, you can track and handle payments through our online portal.

The Guild has been trusted by over 1000+ businesses and counting


10,000+ subcontractors paid weekly


No late payments


£420+ million yearly turnover


25+ years in business

Our simple onboarding process


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