Relieve yourself of CIS headaches

If your organisation makes use, or wishes to make use, of subcontract labour to which CIS applies, The Guild can help you by;

  • accounting for tax to HM Revenue & Customs on payments to operatives;
  • dealing with all paperwork associated with such operatives;
  • declaring to HM Revenue & Customs that the operatives have been appraised as self-employed;
  • dealing with any fines, penalties or levies, or claims for national insurance contributions, issued by the HMRC;
  • managing and defending Employment Tribunal claims;
  • indemnifying clients fully in relation to the above.

Please note: it is likely that your organisation will still need to render a CIS return.

For more information about CIS or The Guild, please make contact on 020 8515 2975.

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Relieve yourself of CIS headaches

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