Inductions Team

Skilled inductors call each applicant subcontractor in order to assess whether the subcontractor understands the nature of self-employed working. The induction team members are specifically trained in the field of self-employment compliance and will spot any issues that may arise.


The Construction Industry Scheme (“CIS”) is a tax regime specific to the construction industry.

We have worked with CIS since its inception and only work in the field of Construction.

We take compliance extremely seriously. For this reason, we have in-house tax expert advisers in order to ensure that we remain up to date with tax practice and legislation. We are pro-active rather than reactive.

In addition to our own people, we also retain the services of highly-qualified external tax specialists in order to ensure that our product and processes remain at the cutting edge of current practice. This means that our clients can be assured that they're receiving a legally robust and fully compliant service.

CIS Processing

We ensure that all CIS deductions are accurately calculated and that all subcontractor payments are made on time, every time. This gives our clients peace of mind that both service and tax compliance are fully taken care of.

Expertise and flexibility enable us to meet the specific requirements of each client. We recognise that each client has different needs and much of our success has resulted from fulfilling those needs smoothly, consistently and with a personal touch.

Customer Support

Our dedicated customer service team is often the first port of call for our clients. We're not interested in the sort of customer service that simply makes it easier for clients to complain about the standard of service we provide. Rather, the team is there to field queries from clients and ensure that the right departments are involved, whatever the issues, in order to resolve them quickly and thoroughly.

Behind the scenes, the customer service team monitors the services we provide as a whole so as to enable us to improve and to evolve our product and keep clients not just safe but also happy.

IT Team

We might be a small company in terms of staff numbers, but the software systems we use are industry-leading. This enables us to be flexible with payments types and times, and to adapt constantly to clients’ needs.

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