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In The Spotlight: Hayley Knight

March 2018

In our latest offering on “In the Spotlight”, Construction Matters speaks to Hayley Knight of the Guild Business Development administration team, about the work she does at the Guild.

How long have you worked at The Guild?

I joined the Guild in July 2008, next year I’m looking forward to celebrating being here for a decade. I started in Customer Service and have in recent years moved into supporting our business development team.

What does an average day consist of?

My role is to support our business development team and give them the tools to best support our clients and grow the business. An average day can see me booking meetings, talking to prospective clients or giving administrative support to our senior manager.

You must have developed lots of relationships with clients over the years?

I have! One of the most important parts of my job is to act as a link between our team here and our clients. I always look forward to Guild events and putting a face to the people I am dealing with. I am always on hand to help our clients and have come to know many of them over the years. I hope they see me as someone they can go to and get support.

How important do you regard Customer services and support?

I’ve learned that if you value your customers every step of the way then you will deliver strong services and support. I like going the extra mile and growing relationships. I am naturally a people person, it’s in The Guilds ethos to put our customers first.

What do you like most about The Guild?

The Guild has always been very good to me. It’s a place that has helped me develop. I am also privileged to work with a fantastic set of people, that support others and me. The Guild has given me the chance to grow, moving from department to department and now taking a lead in supporting our business development team. From a business perspective I like that The Guild takes compliance seriously, as I’ve spoken to people in the industry who have really suffered at the hands of bad compliance.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I enjoy socialising with my family. I am also a keen traveller (usually to Spain). I am someone who likes being out and about and look forward to being with my friends and enjoying life.

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