Has your business used HMRC's CEST Tool to make IR35 determinations for freelance contractors?

The law of status in the UK was clarified in the Court of Appeal’s decision in the Atholl House case on 26 April – with the effect that HMRC’s CEST tool is out of step with the common law. 

If your business relied on HMRC’s CEST tool, now is an excellent time to take a second look and get help from the IR35 experts at Guild Freelancing, free of charge.

At Guild Freelancing, we take a bespoke approach to status under the 2021 IR35 reforms by using a detailed questionnaire with every freelance contractor working via their own personal service company.  We share findings with the clients using those freelance contractors and hold their hand through the compliance process, including the making of determinations.

Further, we indemnify our clients in respect of any unwanted employment taxes and we insure this risk with a third-party insurer.

Guild Freelancing is the one-stop-shop for IR35 compliance. Contact us today to set up a no-obligation call

We also work with freelancers under other types of engagement and offer enhanced net pay when compared with umbrella PAYE – click below for more information.