What is Guild Freelancing?

Guild Freelancing is a contracting and payment service for freelancers and their users.  We cover a wide range of sectors, including rail, automotive, engineering and transport.

As part of The Guild group, Guild Freelancing benefits from the well-honed payment engine and rigorous compliance processes built up by The Guild over 23 years.

Benefits of Guild Freelancing


Many businesses enjoy the benefits and flexibility of using the services of self-employed people (i.e. freelancers).  However, this can raise some tax and compliance headaches.

We offer significant protection from HMRC in respect of any unwanted tax issues concerning the employment status of freelancers. To do this, we stand between clients and HMRC and take on any status challenges arising from freelance engagements.

We also indemnify our clients from Employment Tribunal claims, providing defence and representation at no extra cost.

What is Guild Freelancing?

Freelancers are gross-paid suppliers and, as such, receive payment for their services without deduction of tax. 

We apply strict compliance measures to ensure that all freelance engagements are tax-compliant – meaning our clients can feel confident that freelancers are paid as genuine suppliers in business on their own account.

Can you deal with limited company contractors (and partnerships)?

Yes.  We can (and do) contract with people through their limited companies or partnerships.

In such cases, different tax compliance applies and we must address IR35.  We are experts in IR35 compliance and have a dedicated team.  They have helped The Guild’s clients to raise some 800 status determinations since the April 2021 update to the law. 

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