Frequently Asked Questions

What does The Guild do?

The Guild provides services to the Construction Industry.

At the same time, The Guild is so much more. Once on board with The Guild, clients benefit from access to a wide variety of expertise and knowledge that assists them to run their businesses more efficiently. The Guild even runs educational seminars which are free to clients.

How can my company trust The Guild with its money?

The Guild has been trading for over two decades and is solely dedicated to CIS.

The Guild has a strong credit rating and no blemishes on its financial history.

Can I come to see The Guild’s operation?

Yes, at The Guild’s offices in Harrow (London). A member of The Guild’s team would equally be happy to visit you at your convenience.

Is The Guild audited externally?

Yes, regularly. The Guild retains external auditors who assess tax compliance and The Guild has also been audited by various clients, government bodies and principal contractors. All audits have been passed.

Is it easy to use The Guild?

Yes, very. Please contact The Guild on 020 8515 2999 (option 3) for more information.

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