HMRC Compliance

The Construction Industry Scheme (“CIS”) is a tax regime created in 1997 which applies to subcontractors working within the UK construction industry. The Guild has been working in the field of CIS since its inception and retains the services of leading advisers to ensure full compliance with legislation and government policy.

From the simple things like ensuring that all tax on subcontractors’ payments is accounted to the Revenue, to more complicated matters such as ensuring that contracts with clients and subcontractors are legally robust, The Guild takes its business extremely seriously.

In addition, The Guild focuses solely on the construction
industry. This specialisation and experience, and devotion to
compliance, is unique and creates a safe harbour for The Guild’s

For more information about legal and tax compliance contact The Guild’s Legal Department on 020 8515 2975.

For a discussion about how The Guild can look after your
compliance needs, please contact The Guild’s Business Development team
on 020 8515 2999 (option 3).

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