Why The Guild?

Established in 1997, The Guild has a strong background in status compliance and effectively stands between clients and HMRC.

Our in-house legal, tax and compliance teams can ensure that all employment status issues are dealt with in the
most compliant way possible and help remove the commercial risks associated with engaging self-employed freelancers.

Ultimately, we are able to guarantee the status of those freelancers, thereby allowing businesses the freedom to operate safely with a self-employed workforce.


We assist you in negotiating the tax and legal maze surrounding sub-contracting.

Once on board with The Guild, clients benefit from access to a wide variety of expertise and knowledge that assists them to run their businesses more efficiently.

Benefits of The Guild

Working in the self-employment arena since 1997
Advice on health and safety issues
Meeting Demands

In addition to serving our clients, we also help them to meet the demands of those above them in the contractual chain. This has led us to experience Crossrail and ODA audits (to name just two examples), and in turn to the acquisition of knowledge that sets us apart from our competitors.

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