Why The Guild?

The Guild has been involved with the Construction Industry Scheme (“CIS”) since 1997 and no other business has more experience than us in ensuring its smooth operation with contractors and subcontractors.

The Guild employs over seventy staff to include numerous foreign language speakers and in-house tax, accountancy and legal teams. Beware of imitations as The Guild’s approach and staunch commitment to genuine self-employment is unique.

The Guild invests heavily in tax and legal compliance and, with its years of experience and strong credit rating, clients benefit from the peace of mind that comes with being in a safe pair of hands.

We assist you in negotiating the tax and legal maze surrounding sub-contracting in Construction.

Once on board with The Guild, clients benefit from access to a wide variety of expertise and knowledge that assists them to run their businesses more efficiently. The Guild even runs educational seminars which are free to clients.

Benefits of The Guild

Working with construction companies since 1997
Advice on health and safety issues

Who we work with

We are, and always have been, driven by the needs of our clients.

Our Clients

We maintain a broad range of clients, from the smallest family-run operations to PLCs.

Our Clients emanate from a range of disciplines covered by the Construction Industry Scheme (“CIS”) – such as brickwork, plant hire and tunnelling. We work with labour agencies provided that no conflicts are caused with our contractors’ client base.

With a strong trading history, we are able to be flexible with the specific requirements of each client. At the same time, our team members enjoy close relationships with our clients and the type of trust that comes with a longstanding, quality service.

Meeting Demands

In addition to serving our clients, we also help them to meet the demands of those above them in the contractual chain. This has led us to experience Crossrail and ODA audits (to name just two examples), and in turn to the acquisition of knowledge that sets us apart from our competitors.

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